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Saviance Patient Tablet

Patient Tablet

The Saviance "Patient Tablet" is a must-have technology for physicians’ practices, retail clinics, big healthcare providers and patients.  This indispensable technology enables providers to deliver and patients to receive high quality patient care with accuracy through process automation. This cutting-edge mobile integrated cloud-based solution ensures effective patient engagement, actionable analytics and increased productivity. This tool enables providers to achieve the goal of performing preventive care and Wellness and Population Health with 24x7 online access of medical information of patients.

Learn more at: www.saviance.com/patient-tablet


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“With all of the changes in healthcare, including new guidelines and upgrading technology, it is comforting to know that you have someone who can help.  NJ-HITEC and its team of outstanding professionals, who have helped us achieve Stage 1 Meaningful Use, PQRS reporting, and now initializing Stage 2 Meaningful Use, are the best in their field. We continue to be successful and feel confident with them by our side. Our practice staff thanks them for making these transitions seem so relatively painless.”

Betsy Guerrero, CMM,CPC,CCP-P
                                               Practice Administrator
                                               Essex Gastroenterology Associates, LLC

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