Parmjit “Pam” Kaur – A Patient’s Story

Pam KaurPam Kaur is employed in the healthcare industry by BluePrint Healthcare IT and understood the value of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) even before her diagnosis.  Her case is an excellent example of why EMRs are critical to improving patient healthcare delivery in the United States through the effective use of health information technology.

Pam has been misdiagnosed and waited months before receiving an accurate diagnosis.  Moreover, she had to explain her medical situation multiple times to numerous doctors at their office and in the emergency room.   She received her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in June 2008 after months of doctor visits, testing, and money spent.   There were also no follow up telephone calls or emails from her physicians during this period.

Throughout this process, three times she was given other patients’ medical records as well as received a bill for a treatment performed on another individual.  Due to these mishaps and Pam’s concern about privacy and security issues for all involved, she decided to find a physician who is successfully implementing an EMR system.  Even though her physician’s office is an hour away from her home, she is willing to drive those extra miles for the piece of mind of knowing her medical information is accurate, accessible, and up-to-date.

Pam’s story clearly reinforces the message that the timeliness of patient health information is critical in the testing, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals, but even more importantly, it is essential in overall patient case management. 

Pam is an advocate for MS being named “Cranford’s Most Inspirational Walker” by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in April 2010.  She is also an advocate with the NJ Metro Chapter of the MS Society and volunteers on the NJ HIT Consumer Advocacy Quality Care Subcommittee.